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Most relationship experts will tell you to go NC for at least 30 days.The theory behind that is it takes at least 30 days to gain some distance and perspective.

All that hard work was for nothing because you are back to square one.

Additionally, if your relationship ended horribly, he will need a little time to start focusing on the good things and forget the bad things.

Whether you are implementing NC because you want him back or because you truly want to get over him, you need a solid month before either of those things are possible (unless he quickly realizes on his own that he made the biggest mistake of his life).

I PROMISE that you are not going to see him posting Adele lyrics or tell the world he misses you. I know you are going to want him to see pics of you looking super hot and going out, but then you will be pretending to live life for his benefit as opposed to actually trying to live your life.

Also, make sure to lean on your family and friends.

I’m sure they will be more than happy to support NC.

NC with someone you love is one of the hardest things a person can do. Once you make it to 15 days, reward yourself with a mani/pedi.

Having sex with him isn't going to make him want you back, guys are surprisingly good at just having sex even if it's with someone they once cared about.

If hooking up with him isn't going to make him want you back, texting him def won't.

If he meets someone else and it sticks, the sucky truth is that you really weren't meant be. It’s about trying to move on with your life and adjust to a world without him as opposed to counting the days until you can talk to him again.

I really believe that the people who are meant to be in your life somehow end up in your life.

He’s not going to say “that text was so witty, I see the light!