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We really enjoy using these webcams but the only one that is working is the one on the Mountain Mall. I”ve been to Gatlinburg I don’t know how many times but still like to peek in when I”m not there to see how things are going.

We just left Gatlinburg yesterday and I was telling my wife that it’s obvious the economy isnt that good yet because the people that originally had the money to invest in the cameras, no longer do.

Note to all of the dedicated Gatlinburg Web Cam fans: as always we(GSMVRO) do apologize for the cams not working but this is out of our control and we have no information regarding when any of the cams will be up and running.

Nor do we have any contact information for the owners of the webcams.

They put flowers around and such…would think they could put up some quality cameras and keep them working.

the tourists want to be able to look at Gatlinburg when they cant be there… It’s lovely to see new growth and the forward direction of recovery from the wildfires. We miss our friends and family in our smokey mountain home, but we’ll be there soon.

If we get enough response we will look into this scenario further. I love to be able to watch for when it is snowing so that i can head to Gatlinburg.

Please leave a comment here if you would be interested. But some of what used to be the best webcams, NEVER worked for a long, long time.

I have been coming to GB since 2009 and since the first I knew that is where I was going to retire.

The web cams gave me a sense that I can be there even when I can’t.

On a different note we(GSMVRO) would consider taking over some of the better webcam locations that are not currently working.

After some research High Definition pan, tilt and zoom cams with heaters and blowers built in that are capable of running in year round weather/temperature extremes(snow,rain) cost in excess of 00.

Personally, I think the webcams are a great marketing tool. Some of the cameras that worked in the past, would take you right to the heart of the city.

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