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Amanda was totally nude for most of the movie and just went about the business of living a life without clothes.

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When the superintendent of the Canadian insane asylum, Dr.Wonderful movie about accepting people as they are.(2003) Ewan Mc Gregor, Albert Finney, Billy Cradup.The story is about a son (William Bloom) trying to learn more about his dying father (Albert Finney) by reliving stories and myths his father told him about himself. In the first scene, she is standing and seen from behind.On a brief leave in Japan, he takes his entire family to a furo, (communal bath), but he pays the attendant extra so that his family will have privacy.Holden and Kelly are happily swimming nude with their daughters in the baths, when a Japanese family approaches an adjacent bath.When a rock is thrown through the bathroom window on Kristalnacht, the naked Solek escapes his house by going through the window and hiding in an alley.

There are other brief, tasteful scenes in which Solek is nude.Produced in France and Senegal, it received only very limited release in the U. The director refused to draw clothes on the nude children and cover adult breasts.(2001) The character that is nude is that way because he lost his clothing because he couldn't pay his gambling debt.He is seen walking down the road and then casually talking to people about his problems.(1994) Nude scenes include his girlfriend getting dressed in the opening credits while Antoine simply looks out the window.She reluctantly agreed to meet the nudists.(1973) Stars Don Johnson who has a full frontal scene during a nude yoga class with many naked people. This movie is about sex but it is also about people being nude and natural and being happy with their bodies.(1995) Professor David Ash is invited to Edbrook to calm the fears of the elderly nanny of the Mariell family.There is also a scene where Prinsloo isn't naked but is wearing a dripping wet see through cotton dress. She quickly backs out and shuts the door and shouts "I thought you said you were decent!! The movie ends with Jack and Harry lying naked, at night, in Central Park, watching the stars and the clouds. It was about a girl who somehow had the authority to confiscate a nudist camp because somehow she was in control of its assets.