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Of course we really didn't HAVE digital cameras back then, so we would "snailmail" snapshots of one another back in forth back in those days and when I came ot find out that some of these "geeky girls" were also incredibly CUTE, I nearly lost my little teenaged mind.

Dvorak ran a piece the other day in PC Magazine called "Chat Rooms Are Dead! He starts out with "Chat rooms kind of began with the Compu Serve CB simulator around 1979.""Kind of".

Automation isn't just for production; we apply the same techniques to our individual developer workstations.

In this talk, I'll give you a sneak peek into how a Git Hub developer experiences Ops.

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Ops at Git Hub has a unique challenge - keeping up with the rabid pace of features and products that the Git Hub team develops.

We'll start with setting up a new machine using Boxen and jump right into the specifics of how to deploy and ship a new feature using the 'Chat Ops' shared command line.

I will show you how we deploy configuration changes to individual and groups of hosts. The topic of course is so large as to be almost impossible to cover in a single blog posting, but I shall try.Actually it might be a bit difficult to pin down exactly when something that functions like a "chat room" as we now understand first came into existence.Assumption 1: Group chat is an great tool for collaboration Assumption 2: With enough code, anything is possible Proposal: Write code to create a robot helper for you group chat to handle menial, annoying things for humans You know about, ie let me google that for you? Should I make an iced latte, or a regular type latte?What if, every time you had a question about how something works, or where to find something, or what to do, you could simply ask a robot helper? Rails Machine has been a distributed team for many years, and group chat (specifically Campfire) is a great tool to work together to get stuff done.I even heard tell that there were in-person gatherings of local users of the AOL chat rooms. back in August, 2006, AOL decided it was going to an advertiser-supported business model like Yahoo! All the software and services were now free and mostly accessible via a web browser. To get on the AOL Chat Rooms, you had to download the AOL 9.0 software and you had to give them a credit card number.