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Bing said in a strongly worded statement Wednesday that he wasn't considering firing Godbee for having an affair with a subordinate, and that Godbee will still be among those considered to run the department on a permanent basis.

Among the reasons he cited was Evans' romantic relationship with a subordinate, Patterson, and the alleged preferential treatment Evans gave her.

The neighbor thought they were just sleeping and decided to come back later.

Upon their return, the neighbor found the two in the same spot and decided to call police.

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Godbee had served as assistant chief under Evans, and was in that position when he met Patterson.

Authorities in Michigan were still investigating what led to the death of a young couple after they were found unresponsive in their apartment right before they were set to eat dinner.

"Failed attempts of personal gain at the expense of the police department and city at-large are unfortunate, and should not be tolerated." Dan Lijana, a spokesman for the mayor, said Bing and Godbee would make no further statements about the matter.

It was little more than two years ago that another text messaging scandal led Detroit's last mayor to resign from office in disgrace and to his imprisonment.

Yet, Chief Godbee doesn't disclose the relationship and appears to have made promises in his professional capacity to help her career." Bing, in his statement, shot down Evans' attempt to be rehired.

"Appointees, all of whom serve at the pleasure of the mayor, are retained or released based on their uncompromised ability to lead," Bing said.

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