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Even though it seems hypocritical being that I lie about being on this site by omission of fact to hubby, nothing will turn me off faster than finding out I've been lied to.I don't care how good you look or how much "chemistry" we may have had, if you lie about a small thing like age you would most likely lie about bigger things.

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I don't want to bounce from one to the next since I'm not really into the numbers game or the one-time-hump-and-dump.Your Sun signs can tell you about the nature of the person you’re with and the challenges you may have to face to make a relationship work.But at the end of the day, I'm not compatible with them.Aries and leos, I expect that they would want that at some point.I've had crushes on cancers, geminis, caps, a sag, an aries, scorpios, virgos -- and I think that's it.Or was there a particular transit in which you became a Down-Dater?