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They were the original “guitar heroes”: amongst them Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend…and Peter Green.

If you want to have a similar setup, go for the Lemon Drop guitar, which is just super cool, you shouldn’t even care there’s no “Gibson” on the headstock.Then again, Fleetwood Mac were never exactly a conventional band…By immersing himself in classical music, African music and jazz, Green was deliberately attempting to distance himself from the blues.Green, like Clapton, only recorded one album with John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, “A Hard Road”, which didn’t achieve the legendary status of Clapton’s album but is still something of a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.Peter Green didn’t want to be just a hired guitarist, he wanted his own band. Yes…one thing that not everyone seems to know, is that Fleetwood Mac, one of the biggest “Middle-Of-the-Road” bands of the 70s was originally not only a cutting-edge blues rock band, but also to Peter Green, and was initially called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, eventually shortened to Fleetwood Mac.(A shame, as the original Fleetwood Mac version is miles better than Santana’s cover…) But Fleetwood Mac had more to offer.

Songs like the delicate instrumental “Albatross” (Fleetwood Mac’s first number one hit), “The Green Manalishi” and the proto-heavy “Oh Well” (which sounds almost like Led Zeppelin) helped the Peter Green-fronted Mac to become one of the most popular rock’n’roll bands in Europe by 1969.Not to say that back then Fleetwood Mac weren’t successful – their self-titled debut album was a huge success in the UK and reached #4 in the charts.It also featured hit single “Black Magic Woman”, written by Green.In fact, in July 1969 Fleetwood Mac were the headliners of a festival in Central Park, New York, playing above Chuck Berry, The Byrds and Led Zeppelin!Even The Beatles wanted a piece of Fleetwood Mac, and invited them to sign to their Apple label, but it was not to be. Peter Green was very uncomfortable with all the acclaim, and as his mental stability deteriorated, he wanted to give all of the band’s money to charity!The song was later covered by Santana and became a worldwide smash.

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