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Gacy became known as ‘The Clown Killer’ because of parties he held in his neighborhoods, where he would dress up as ‘Pogo the Clown’ to entertain the children.

Criteria for organized killers are: Intelligent Socially skilled Sexually competent Live with a partner Likely to target strangers Show antisocial and psychopathic personality traits An example of the organized serial killer is John Wayne Gacy. Patrick’s Day in 1942, Gacy killed thirty-three boys and young men between 1972 and his eventual arrest in 1978.

Jack the Ripper terrorized London in the late 1800’s and has been called the world’s first serial killer on more than one occasion, although that is hardly the case as infamous serial killers such as Elizabeth Bathory (1560 – 1614) have been well documented.

The serial killer is still very much with us but what takes someone from being a killer to a serial killer?

the killing of several victims over three or more separate events’ The serial killer is separated from the ‘spree killer’ by the fact that the former have periods of inactivity between killings, sometimes running into years.

A ‘spree killer’ is defined by the Bureau of Justice as: – ‘…killings at two or more locations with no time break between murders.’ An example of a spree killer would be Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, notorious for the terrible events at Columbine in 1999.

Despite his insanity plea at trial – how could a man who was not rational or in control of his actions during thirty-three murders have dug the graves before the actions?

– Gacy was sentenced to death and died by lethal injection in March of 1994.The cousin showed the impressionable 12 year old trophy photographs that he had taken in Vietnam during the war. It was shortly after this that Ramirez changed and began taking drugs and dropping out of school.He took to stealing to support his habit and eventually left his home in El Paso to go to San Francisco and Los Angeles.Their attacks tend to be unplanned and they often leave evidence at the crime scene and show signs of being out of control during attacks.Criteria for disorganized killers are: – Low intelligence Socially inept Sexually inept Usually live alone Show signs of severe mental illness Likely to have been physically/sexually abused as a child Likely to be in a confused/frightened state of mind An example for a disorganized serial killer is Ottis Toole (947 – 1996).A serial killer is defined as someone who kills more than three people over a long period of time.

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