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These small cars carry the Changan brand name although Suzuki technology is used in their design and manufacture.In 2010, Changan was supposed to merge its Suzuki joint venture with that of Changhe, another automaker that participates in a project with the Japanese company.

Changan designs, develops, manufactures, and sells passenger cars sold under the Changan brand and commercial vehicles sold under the Chana brand.

Suzuki's efforts to change the situation by merging its two joint ventures—since Chinese business law does not allow any foreign company more than two—have so far been stymied by its Chinese partners, who instead hope Suzuki will improve their situation.

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We didn’t have proper tools, so we took shovels and a tablet and tried to see how others did it. We started dicing them and separate the seedling which reminded us on little squids and then plant them.

It was great to use technology and (in) nature at the same time. When they were finally planted, everything looked very miserable; black nylon with brown heads of strawberries. Our first harvest gave us more strawberries than we expected. In the next few years, our strawberries didn’t give us as much as we expected because of climate changes (frost, hard rain). In the next few years we made new plantations and we bought greenhouse.

We prepared the land and we finally got the seedlings. But after two days the plantation was beautiful; green. This year, frost also came, but it didn’t harm our strawberries:). During May our backyard is full of children, young people, old people, cars and bicycles.

Everybody knows that our strawberries are pesticide and germicide free, and there is always one cup of strawberries waiting for them.Changan currently participates in the following joint ventures: Changan Suzuki (1993–present), which built licensed versions of the Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Cultus, and more recently the Swift.In parallel with its Suzuki joint venture, Changan also continued to build small trucks and vans for commercial use based on the 1999 Suzuki Carry license, but independently developed vehicles are quickly replacing them.In 1959 a predecessor entity, Chongqing Chang'an Arsenal, under contract to the government, began auto manufacturing and built Changjiang Type 46 vehicle which was the first production vehicle of China.but this count likely conflates private offerings and microvans, tiny commercial trucks and vans that are popular in China. I worked in some other company until I got fired in 2012.

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