Enfp dating another enfp

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Enfp dating another enfp

I wrote in my previous Disney Princess post that INFPs value internal harmony and have deep feelings that are rarely expressed to other people.They often seem like outsiders in their society and are more concerned with their inner moral code than with external expectations.

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Like other SP types, they work well with their hands and are in tune with external sensory details (including things like music).

She puts up with dancing with Duke Weselton because it’s polite and expected.

She won’t let Kristof warn Olaf about summer because it would hurt his feelings.

Her focus when young is on convincing Elsa to be her friend again, and then later after accepting Elsa wants left alone she is excited by the prospect of meeting everyone else.

In particular, she wants to meet “the one.” Healthy, mature ESFJs are more cautious, but one that’s desperate for connection might jump into a relationship with a master manipulator like Hans (probably an ENFJ) who knows exactly which buttons to push.

It could fit ENFP, but clumsiness isn’t enough to type a person. When she’s stressed out or uncomfortable, you see tertiary Introverted Intuition and Inferior Introverted Thinking as she talks before thinking (“This is awkward. But ultimately, I think it comes down to the fact that Ariel isn’t interested in experiencing her here-and-now world so much as she is with expanding her horizons.

Anna doesn’t want to explore, push buttons, or try things just to see what will happen. She’s “pushed all the buttons” in the world below the seas and how she needs to explore something new. Aurora is only on screen for 18 out of the 76 minute film and only has 18 lines of dialogue.Remember their sensing is introverted — it’s about subjective impressions of the real world (click to visit a post with a great discussion of Si in the comments). Her rebelliousness, impulsiveness, insistence on living her own life, and obsession with experiencing another world could be traits of either Ex FP type.That argument about clumsiness does help rule out ESFP, though (Extroverted Sensing types are the ones most in-tune with their physical bodies and environments). And it can be hard at times to tell whether she’s so interested in the human world because she wants new sensory experiences or because she wants to explore and gather knowledge.Both Intuitive and Thinking types are under represented among Disney’s ladies.That’s still the case, but this time my focus is on explaining why I typed each princess the way I did.Given what we know about her, I think ISFP is the “best fit” type.