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And do you know what makes a man see your desire to talk and share your feelings as evidence that you're emotionally unhealthy and the kind of woman who would only be more trouble and irritation than she's worth? Did you know that you can say the exact SAME THING to a man at different times, and you'll get completely different responses from him? The reality is that there is one significant thing that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to how a man sees, feels, and RESPONDS to the way you talk and share with him...And that's the level to which he is EMOTIONALLY ENGAGED with you when you're talking. One of the most common ways that women end up accidentally causing a man to close off and WITHDRAW from them is when a man doesn't know about, see, or understand what a women is going through and feeling...

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Knowing this, are you accidentally helping your man to withdraw from you? or shut down when he sees how you're feeling inside? even when you have the best of intentions and just want to find a great guy to love and love you back. If you don't know how attraction works for a man, and how it works differently than how it works for most women... These 2 mistakes are: -Trying to get a man's interest and attention by using the fast, fun, and easy approach to create "Physical Attraction" inside a man (which never does last) -Not knowing how that deeper level of what I call "Emotional Attraction" works inside a man's mind that will make him want to emotionally open up and engage with you These mistakes are the two most common and certain ways to make sure your love life will go nowhere fast with men...And then the woman gets MORE UPSET and frustrated with him at the fact that he doesn't seem to see or respond to her, and so SHE closes off.I know this is something you've experienced over and over with men (and made some of the same mistakes again and again in each situation) Something happens between you and a man, and you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach you just can't ignore. and it sends your intuition and your imagination running. The 3 critical elements that you MUST HAVE between you and a man if you want a loving, lasting, and secure relationship are: Element #1 - An Intense Level Of Attraction Call it "chemistry". Unfortunately, lots of women make 2 mistakes when it comes to attraction with men that keep them from ever being able to get past those critical early dating stages where a man will become more emotionally attached and involved with a woman.

but if a man doesn't "feel it" for you when it comes to this magic something of chemistry and attraction... A man MUST feel a level of attraction for you that goes DEEPER than just the common and "Physical Attraction" a man can experience for a woman that quickly comes and goes, but can seem so "real".

And that there's enough trust so that it's OK to share the truth of what's really happening in each others lives.

If you don't have open communication, then you by definition don't have HONESTY.

Isn't a man supposed to be closer, more open, and more honest with you than anyone else about what's going on for him in your relationship with you? You're supposed to be able to be closer and more open and honest with the man in your life than with anyone else.

But for lots of women it just doesn't work this way.

Here's a great thing to read if you want to learn more about communicating with a man and the process of "Emotionally Engaging" with him:

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