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House tries to molify Vogler by offering up Robert Chase, but unbeknownst to anyone, Chase is Vogler’s only “rat” in House’s department as Cameron and Foreman turn him down flat. Vogler holds out a poisoned olive branch - if House will endorse his new drug, he will let House keep his department intact.

Cuddy scrambles to save House and Vogler finally agrees to give him a chance - fire one of his fellows to save money.

She has also carefully avoided questions about why she hasn’t fired him, except to constantly describe House as “the best doctor we’ve got”.

Cuddy is now Chief Administrator and Dean of Medicine of PPTH. However, her number one problem is still Gregory House, who regularly abuses his teaching fellows, constantly disregards hospital protocol, chooses which cases he will work on, doesn’t get as much in fees as he spends on staff and procedures, and (most importantly) hasn’t done any clinic duty in six years.

Despite the fact that House is stuck to outperform his team and all talk of having Foreman take over permanently is shelved. After insulting and assaulting a patient (with a rectal thermometer) in the clinic, Cuddy insists House apologize.

When House refuses, the situation escalates when the patient turns out to be a police detective.

Cameron resigns to try to mollify Vogler, but he’s on the warpath. Cuddy supports Vogler, but when Wilson refuses to go along, Wilson is tossed off the board and House is given a one day reprieve.

Cuddy is ready the next day to vote against House, but when House pulls off not one, but two miracles in that period, she refuses to go along.

She is a specialist in endocrinology, but when in charge, she had a very limited medical practice due to her administrative duties. In the Season 7 episode Small Sacrifices her age is established as forty-two, with her forty-third birthday approaching.

However, House had been working for Cuddy for eight years prior to the beginning of Season 1, and House owed her 6 years of clinic duty in the show's pilot.

It has never been revealed where Cuddy went to medical school, but we do know that she finished second in her graduating class at the age of 26 and made Alpha Omega Alpha, an honor society for medical students. Cuddy was married for six days in 1987 in New Jersey, as revealed in the Season 7 episode Small Sacrifices and the marriage ended in divorce.

No further information about her brief marriage or about the identity of her husband was given. At the age of 29, she lied about her age (saying she was 31) in order to get a Vice-President position at PPTH.

Needing a new general counsel, at the end of the season, Cuddy hires Stacy Warner who wants to stay at PPTH to take care of her husband during his rehabilitation.