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Americans eat a lot of fast food such as hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken, but their diet embraces an enormous range of foods from all over the world.

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A knife is used for cutting and spreading; otherwise, it is laid on the plate or table.

In the past two decades, eating habits have changed as people have become more health conscious, but many Americans continue to eat red meat (beef in particular) as well as pork, and chicken and other fowl.

People visiting the US for the first time are often amazed at the size of the steaks and other portions of food served in restaurants.

A major percentage of all working Americans are women.

In many households where both the husband and wife work outside the home, men are expected to share household duties.

Both men and women usually smile and shake hands when greeting.

Good friends and family members may embrace when they meet, especially after a long absence.

Fresh fish and seafood are widely available on the coasts and near major rivers and lakes, and a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit is available year-round.

An extensive food-distribution system makes fresh farm products available to all parts of the country.

Among young people, verbal greetings or various hand-slapping gestures, such as the "high five", are common.

Except in formal situations, people usually address one another by their first names once they are acquainted, and often do so on first meeting. Americans do not usually expect any further answer to the question unless there is a close relationship.

However, extended families are not common in the US.

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