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She looked beside her to see Brenda also naked and still asleep. When she peaked out into the large room, she saw Janice and Joyce sleeping naked on the floor with three men cuddled up next to them. Kim slipped past all the naked bodies and walked into the bathroom. Kim quickly washed her face and grabbed a towel to cover her body.

Kim was glad that whatever happened was in Miami and nowhere close to home.

Both Brenda and Kim were ready to let loose and both indulged in things they hadn't done since they had just turned 21.

For most of their time in Key West, they were on the beach either naked or semi naked, working on their tans and getting drunk.

There was no way anyone back home could ever find out what she did while there. When she woke the next morning, she padded to the kitchen, drank about a gallon of orange juice and devoured a muffin.

The only people that knew her were the twins, and they would never tell. She settled down at her computer to check her email.

The hangover was immense and the room was still spinning when she sat up.

She didn't recognize the room and her clothes were nowhere to be found.It was probably because of her 36 D breasts and her slim athletic build.Kim went on vacation with her best friend because late last school year, her fiancé left her for a co-worker at his brokerage firm.I have completed all the 16 chapters and chapter two is at the editor. ***** Kim Watson had just arrived home from vacation.It was late summer and school was about to start again. It was a middle class school in suburbia with a mixed student population of all races and financial backgrounds.Kim loved working at the school; she has worked there for the last 8 years, starting just a couple years after college.