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CNN Tonight host Don Lemon lost his patience with conservative pundit Ben Ferguson when the latter kept straying from the topic of Donald Trump.

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” Mr Trump said in an Oval Office meeting while discussing protections for immigrants, the Washington Post reported. Because this is who Donald Trump is.” Fellow CNN host Anderson Cooper also called the president’s remarks “racist” earlier on Thursday.

While many fans swooned, others joked the 51-year-old looked anything from the Anchorman's Ron Burgundy or a jazz flutist, to the suave Leon Phelps from Ladies Man.

Lemon even got in on the joke, tweeting that 'I did east a fish sandwich today'.

'Every time, someone goes; "Oh but her emails, oh but uranium!

Don Lemon has set the world of Twitter alight by wearing a sexy black turtleneck for his Wednesday Tonight show.

There were actually times that I had to lean into my food so I could hear his soft whispering of a voice.

In between his uneasy chuckles and anxious eating, we had a nice balanced conversation. He’s face lit up when he talked about his 17 year old daughter.

Ferguson then accused Lemon of letting Sellers speak because he agrees with him, to which Lemon fired back: 'No it is not because I agree with it all, it's because he is talking about things that are relevant, things that have to do with now!

'Not some bull from the past that has been litigated over and over and is not relevant anymore!

When the show returned after a commercial break, Lemon said he would be happy for Ferguson to make his point on the condition that he did not 'hijack the panel' and would stick to things that are relevant to the topic.

'But I don't wanna hear about Benghazi, I don't want to hear about uranium, it has been litigated a million times.'Ferguson accused him of not wanting to discuss Clinton because it did not fit his narrative, to which Lemon responded that it is irrelevant.

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