Do austin and ally end up dating

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Guest stars: Cole Sand as Nelson, Matthew Scott Montgomery as Walter When embarrassing footage of Austin starts showing up on a blog called Miami H8ter Girl, the group becomes concerned on how it is going to affect his career.After the footage causes him to lose a gig, the group becomes determined to find the anonymous culprit behind it all.

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The series stars Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez, and Calum Worthy.

Guest stars: Cole Sand as Nelson, Carlos Santos as Interviewer Ally writes a new song that she is proud of, as it is supposed to be about Austin; however, he hates the song because it is not him at all.

The two decide they need to get to know each other better in order for Ally to write songs that will relate to Austin, so they each do activities that the other finds fun.

Guest star: Lisa Arch as Demonica Dixon Trish is having her quinceañera and mentions that Emilio, a relative and big-time club owner, will be at her party.

Austin decides to perform at Trish's party so he can impress Emilio to book him in his clubs.

The two bond while working on their next song, "Break Down the Walls", and Austin asks Ally to be there when he performs it.

However, when the pianist gets sick, Ally has to fill in.

When the blogger, Tilly Thompson, is caught, she reveals that she does not hate Austin, but in fact hates Ally due to an incident in kindergarten.

Meanwhile, Trish and Dez get jobs in a fish-fry restaurant.

Ally Dawson, a shy songwriter, works at Sonic Boom, a music store owned by her father, Lester, located at the Mall of Miami.

Austin Moon, an aspiring singer, interrupts Ally while she is in her practice room, singing a rough cut of "Double Take".

Ally and Trish find out Austin and Dez have read the diary and plan an elaborate scheme for revenge to teach Austin a lesson.

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