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The advice column is intended for longer, in-depth answers to issues that are not particularly time sensitive or immediate.

We have four free, direct support services so you can get one-on-one help if and when you can't find what you need on the website, you need extra information or don't understand something you've read, or when you want support, help, advice or discussion from our staff, volunteers or peer community members.

Use for: Almost anything, be it simple questions or in-depth, involved discussions over time. Hablamos español: Tenemos voluntarios disponibles para los usuarios de habla hispana.

This service is also best for when you want both staff and volunteer engagement AND discussion with peers, or primarily peer-to-peer discussion. The SMS (text) service is a question and answer service available for those with mobile phones and the capacity to send and receive text messages.

If we have staff available, we're glad to switch channels for you.) How fast will you be answered?

Within those hours, you will typically be answered within a few minutes.

Our boards are strongly moderated by staff and volunteers, but our community is truly so excellent that more times than not, there's little for us to moderate because our users are so great to one another, all by themselves.

The boards are an anonymous service so long as you follow our guidelines about privacy, like picking a username you do not use anywhere else and does not personally identify you in any way, and do not post any personally identifying information.Admissions Representatives, Academic Advisors, and Military Affairs Representatives are available to chat with you!Click the Live Support button below for assistance.Best for: More involved, complex situations where you want a longer, in-depth answer, but can wait days, weeks or even months for your answer.Questions and situations which are NOT time-sensitive (like pregnancy risks or scares, current health problems, or help you need to find as soon as possible).Por favor presiona el “interruptor” para habilitar Flash en tu navegador.

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