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The brutality that dwells within him was born in the snows outside Lillehammer.

Years of being friends have morphed into something more and neither one is willing to really admit it.

Facebones: Compliments in the workplace can easily become as construtant as flirtation. In this example, a Klokateer will be equipped with a shocking mechanism, that will help guide him into behaving properly at work! We're rounding the corner to finish our sexual harassment fun marathon! If you get a boner during work, best excuse yourself and go home!

[to a little boy holding a red balloon] Hey little boy with the b-b-b-b-balloon! Facebones: I'm here to talk about a very serious issue! It takes the power away from the people being harassed, and makes the harasser, more powerful than ever! Keep your office door open so the people can see that you're clearly not jacking off in there.

[Pickles](Skwisgaar) Lookin' at these hopeful auditioners all They came from so far away...

But if you show them that you are the best Then yes you may have your way!

It's probably gonna be short.)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The band has to make a tough decision after realizing that everyone has become interested in Toki.

Roles and professionalism will be tested, and hilarity will ensue.

It's like having a rotting corpse in your house, but the corpse of a tree, you know? It stands and then you humiliate it even further by hanging ornaments all over it, like "Fuck you."(Dethklok's mothers are busy decorating the Mordhaus Rec Room.

Two-ten, two-twenty, two-thirty, two-forty, two-fifty, two-sixty, two-seventy, two-eighty, two-ninety, three hundred!

Skwisgaar is drinking a bottle of vodka, looking rather irritated)Dr.

Sveltana Skwigelf is bent over, wrapping a present, as Murderface leers at her buttocks lecherously.

You seem so nice, it's a shames you must go downs this way... [Nathan] But you blew the last part [Pickles] Oh, you were so very close...