Dating your coworker

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Dating your coworker - consolidating student loans advice 2016

Even if you work on different sides of a fairly large office, the workplace is like a fraternity in the sense that word travels.

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Any slip-up — or anything you do for that matter — will be under a microscope for the sharks just waiting on your downfall.

It’s natural to find those we work with physically appealing if, well, … You’re not blind, especially if that person is someone who is new to the company.

What you really need to figure out is whether you see an actual future with your co-worker or just a future with him or her in your bed.

The kicker is that these aren’t the relationships we normally set out to make — they just kind of happen.

Attraction is one of those things that you wish you could turn on and off whenever you wanted, but when you lock eyes one too many times with the office clerk, it’s almost your responsibility to investigate, it would be a crime not to.

Then again, I love the idea of love so much that I’d probably take the chance if the desire were strong enough.

Whether you’re considering dating someone you work with or are already involved with someone at your gig, it’s always best to take a few ideas into consideration.People will probably find out and then inevitably talk about it. Because office relations could screw up those ambitions.When considering a relationship in the office, you need to think about your career trajectory. As big as the smiles may be, the workspace is a battlefield.When your girl is at home it not only helps you focus, but it gives you the space you need so you can miss her properly when you return to her.When we’re at that work party and the unexpected hook-up happens, the conversation the next day needs to include all of these possibilities.Having romantic relations with a coworker can be very messy.

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