Dating your coworker

01-Apr-2020 03:59 by 9 Comments

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Having romantic relations with a coworker can be very messy.I’ve always been told to never shit where I lay, and although your place of work is hardly your place of rest, I think the advice works all the same.

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If we worked in different departments on different floors and on different days, then MAYBE.You care about who you’re hooking up with, so keep in mind that she will face adversity if the rest of the office finds out.It may be an issue, it may not be an issue, either way, it’s important to understand the full ramifications of your actions.If you can handle these three, then by all means, have the best office relationship of your career.Unlike meeting anyone else that you would typically date, an office fling means that you’re going to be in close proximity with them at all times.It’s natural to find those we work with physically appealing if, well, … You’re not blind, especially if that person is someone who is new to the company.

What you really need to figure out is whether you see an actual future with your co-worker or just a future with him or her in your bed.

When your girl is at home it not only helps you focus, but it gives you the space you need so you can miss her properly when you return to her.

When we’re at that work party and the unexpected hook-up happens, the conversation the next day needs to include all of these possibilities.

So, next time you think about making your work boo your real boo, think about where you see yourself in the near future.

Beyond people finding out and besides your future being on the line, your focus is something that you should be prepared to defend/adjust.

Then again, I love the idea of love so much that I’d probably take the chance if the desire were strong enough.