Dating wives in bloomington indiana

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Dating wives in bloomington indiana

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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Den Tandt, Christophe Explication approfondie d’auteurs anglais : twentieth-century literary realism in Britain and the United States . Focuses on the Dreiser collection at the University of Pennsylvania Library. “The Author as Consumer: The Financier.” Deficits and Desires: Economics and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Literature. Analyzes Dreiser’s The Financier in the context of economic theory and pairs it with Joyce’s Ulysses (the subject of an earlier chapter) as a means of understanding how the underlying economic logic plays out in the two works when viewed in a context of social and cultural change. Helsingin yliopisto [U of Helsinki], 2000 81 pages. Le Corbusier in America: Travels in the Land of the Timid Cambridge, MA: MIT P, 2001. Places that relationship within the context of Marguerite Tjader Harris’s relationship with Dreiser, providing considerable biographical detail about Harris and about her relationship with Dreiser (to the extent that it had a bearing on her relationship with Le Corbusier). ’ A New Middle-Class Morality in Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie and An American Tragedy” (thesis chapter).

“Between Profits and Primitivism: Rehabilitating White Middle-Class Manhood in America, 1880-1917.” Ph. “Xingkelai Liuyisi yu Meiguo Wenxuei Fengci Yishu.” (Sinclair Lewis and the art of sarcasm in American literature) [Master’s thesis] Wuhan, Hubei: Central China Normal University, 2001. Discusses the degree to which modernist and naturalist texts — including works by Jack London, Frank Norris, Eugene O’Neill, Dreiser, Gertrude Stein, and Nella Larsen — drew upon earlier romantic images and transformed them Sawyers, June Skinner, ed. Specifies addresses at which Dreiser lived in Greenwich Village. First edition published by New American Library as The International Dictionary of 20th Century Biography. Chapter 2, “The Male Body and the Market Economy: The Case of Dreiser’s Frank Cowperwood,” focuses on The Financier and The Titan. “At Home; A Wall Street Wizard Tends to His Garden.” New York Times . Uses primary sources in literature and the social sciences to locate and analyze changing discourses, images, and scientific representations of middle-class manhood and masculinity. Article on Michael Steinhardt, philanthropist and retired hedge fund manager, who has turned much of 50-acre property in Mt Kisco, NY, formerly Dreiser’s home Iroki, into an exotic garden. “Theodore Dreiser and Emily Post: The Early Road Book as an Economic and Political Form.” Crossings: Travel, Art, Literature, Politics.” Ed. Examines Dreiser’s The Financier in the context of an analysis of his authorial stance vis-à-vis the reader and of his narrative voice Jalon, Allan M. Journal of Shangqiu Teachers College 17.5 (2001): 46-47.