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For many women, that five-week window creates a waiting game that can feel unbearable.Women with little paid maternity leave may want to work until the last possible moment they can.

Vincenzo Berghella, director of maternal fetal medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.A simple ultrasound could help with this decision, new research suggests.Ultrasound measurements of the cervix, the passageway at the entrance to the uterus that opens up to make way for a baby during delivery, can reveal whether labor is likely within the next week, according to a new study.Explore more about projects, Beneficiary and Partner organisations located in the Programme area of the participating countries!The flash based map viewer application provides facts about overall – specific objectives of the action and their expected results, whether the project is under implementation or more » First Call for Proposals to be launched in the first trimester of 2017 The Prime Minister’s Office of Hungary, acting as the Managing Authority of the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020 is planning to launch the first...

read more » Draft Joint Operational Programme for the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 Public consultation on the draft Joint Operational Programme for the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Programme...That baby is due in a week — you feel as big as the Death Star, you have to pee 7 million times a night and you just want that baby out!But should you keep going to work as usual, or fumble through the car seat installation instructions and get that birth bag ready?However, studies have shown that women who have a short cervix, less than 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) long, as measured on ultrasound scans during mid-pregnancy, are at high risk for preterm birth.That made researchers wonder whether similar scans could be predictive during the homestretch of pregnancy.For babies with congenital anomalies who must be delivered in a hospital, getting a better estimate of the due date could ensure safer delivery.

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    The report concluded that 'race is a delicate issue' that should be 'handled sensitively but not brushed under the carpet'.

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