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Novel dan kumpulan cerita pendeknya, antara lain: Hari-hari Pertama (1968), Sang Guru (1971), Matias Ankari (1975), Oleng-kemoleng & Surat-surat Cinta Rajaguguk (1975), Nostalgia Nusatenggara (1976), Jerat (1978), Cumbuan Sabana (1979), Seutas Benang Cinta (1982), Giring-giring (1982), Di Bawah Matahari Bali (1982), Requiem untuk Seorang Perempuan (1983), Anak Karang (1985), Doa Perkabungan (1987), Impian Nyoman Sulastri dan Hanibal (1988), Poti Wolo (1988).

After stopping work at the Central Library, iakembali to Yogyakarta.Born in Perbaungan, North Sumatra, December 24, 1924. Both his parents came from Minangkabau, Padang, West Sumatra.His father and his mother named Haji Djamin named Siti Here.In Among his brothers, only the he which have the talent of art. He loved to paint the scenery around the farm as well as carts and coachman.Although his parents worked as an employee only low, however, it did not make it to silence.Circumstances that make Nasjah increasingly attracted him to literature.

Thing it then demonstrated by the writings that that creates during he worked in Balai Pustaka, such as, his poems who titled Refugees.

One of his novels Passion for Life and for Death which is serialized in a magazine 1-24 numbers Sunday morning in 1967 succeeded in obtaining Arts Award from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in 1970.

Another boon received Nasjah derived from the work of the Foundation Main Book Parangtritis Waves (1983) which declared the best teenage fiction books of 1983 and the Jakarta Arts Council literary prize for his novel, Mount Hope (1984).

The work was later translated by Farida Soemargono Labrousse into French under the title Le Depart de L’Enfant Proddigue (1979).

Another novel he has written are the strands of Sakura Fall (1964), Kuala Lumpur Night (1968), The Found Road (1981), and even Dusk Snow (1982), Top Tresna Tresna (1983), Three Cigarette Butt (1985 ), as well as Waves and Sand (1988).

His father and his mother named Haji Djamin named Siti Here. Among the brothers Nasjah Djamin, Nasjah Djamin who have artistic talent.