Dating service with disabilities

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Social deficits include problems with social perception and social interaction.

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In addition, a clinical case example, along with supporting evaluation data, is provided.Neuropsychological deficits include difficulties with tactile and visual perception, psychomotor coordination, tactile and visual attention, nonverbal memory, reasoning, executive functions, and specific aspects of speech and language.Deficits in math calculations, mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, specific aspects of written language, and handwriting are primary academic concerns.Nonverbal learning disabilities represent a discrete and separate diagnostic entity.However, some of the symptoms identified are similar to those described for other disorders.In most cases, children with this disorder are best classified as Other Health Impaired.

Because they may also have specific motor skills deficits, problems with math, social interactional difficulties, and/or emotional disturbances, some of these children may also be appropriately classified as orthopedically handicapped, learning disabled, or emotionally disturbed.This may be particularly appropriate for cases of neurologically acquired NVLD rather than the more common developmental cases of the disorder.The purpose of this article is to familiarize the reader with the NVLD syndrome and the current state of research on this disorder.In turn, many of the higher functioning children diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome may instead be children with NVLD who have been misdiagnosed.While the NVLD syndrome has only recently been described in detail (Rourke, 1987, 1989), a number of important articles and two major books have been dedicated to descriptions of the disorder (Rourke, 1989, 1995a).Children with NVLD present with a wide range of visual-spatial, visual motor, sensory, and motor deficits.