Dating russian federation women

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One way or another, your Russian girlfriend is most likely eager to get married and is waiting for a proposal.

A Russian dating site is an exciting place to meet and connect with beautiful women.All the more so since she is likely to measure your love for her by how selflessly and willingly you eat her food.…if she has chosen you.Your Russian girlfriend will become your best friend, your partner, your doctor, your beauty consultant, psychologist Russian woman respects strength. You ask me why did I want to have an American husband, I will tell you.I used to live in the states for about 4 years (Owings Mills, MD), but had to return to Russia and since that.. I had an unhappy marryiage experience with one russian guy...He is nice, intelligent, calm, able to control himself.

First of all, I need a spiritual person, he also has to be faithful, able to love, sociable and cheerful, having an active life style, physical compatibility is very important for me. a little about me : good sense of humor, know when to have a joke, and when to be serious .

down to earth, realist, friendly, my hobby is needlework and sports, I have 2 kids(1 is already independent). I very like cinema, music, summer, sun, summer rain, sea, animals, my cat, books, machines, roads, bags, shoes, cultures of other countries, beautiful buildings, also I like to take pictures, draw, dance, sing in a bathr..

Self-sufficient, serious, caring, attractive, kind, gentle, charming, slender, romantic, sincere, cheerful, smiling, shy, honest, but there is not enough in my life of my beloved and my loved one who so far wanders aroun..

Yes, perhaps she does it in a peculiar way, but this too comes from generations of experience.

Living side by side with relatives or other families in 20 square meters of space is something that a person born in Russia is used to – in Soviet times, this was the experience of many people.

Squeezed together in cramped conditions, people went through school and university, fell in love, got married, gave birth to children and raised grandchildren.