Dating roommates sister

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—Submitted by Ieesha Abdur-Rahman I met Chanda Riddick-Yamoah as a freshman in college.

I introduced the other two to Mel and the rest was history!I thought she was cool but had waaaaaayyyyy too much energy (she's more of an extrovert and I'm moreso an introvert). We partied together, cried together, laughed together, etc.We both have strong personalities so of course we bumped heads occasionally, but we'd be back to cackling idiots within minutes.We've met each other's families and we've helped each other overcome heartbreak, family deaths, etc.I really don't think my experience at FAMU would've been the same if we weren't roommates!We weren't originally set to be roommates, and I found out I had a new roommate on the move-in day.

I got to our room first and set up my stuff before leaving out with family to do some more shopping. She told me that she thought I had a bad memory because I had this dry erase calendar board on my wall.

I knew I could trust her when she came to me and showed me texts that my then-bf was sending her about coming over to his place; he didn't know she was my suitemate, so that kinda fired back on him lol. I was one year ahead of her, so when I graduated and she still had one more year, we lived together too.

She told me she wanted to be honest because she was enjoying our then few-weeks old friendship and didn't want anything to get in the way of that. So all the above still went on, we just added watching Scandal and Catfish together to the list.

It wasn't until it was time for us to be grown and get our own apartments sophomore year that we met Eboni and Brett.

Eboni, Keishae, Brett, and I were apartment roomies, while Samantha, Melissa, and our friend Amber had an apartment around the block in the same complex (College Club). We threw the best parties, became the best of friends, laughed, cried, pledged, loved and so much more. —Submitted by Patrice Donelson Clark Atlanta University forever changed my life!

Beatrice (left) and I met in Phase 3 apartments at Florida A&M University.