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That is why today Norfolk Naval Shipyard's ability to repair and overhaul ships with speed and efficiency has earned it numerous awards and the reputation of being the nation's number one shipyard. The USS Chesapeake was built at Gosport Navy Yard, now Norfolk Naval Shipyard, between December 1798 and December 1799.Norfolk Naval Shipyard has the distinction of being the oldest shipyard that is a U. Navy Shipyard; it dates to November 1, 1767 and includes construction of two Continental Navy ships and service as a leased federal yard beginning on May 27, 1794. Sister ships and locations where they were built were USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides"), Boston; USS President, New York City; USS United States, Philadelphia; USS Congress, Portsmouth, New Hampshire; and USS Constellation, Baltimore.

From the early experiments with Polaris missiles to the latest installation of complex weapons systems, shipyarders have come up with productive ways to get their jobs done. Navy shipyard, the Washington Navy Yard, was completed on October 2, 1799.The Norfolk Naval Shipyard is the and actually predates the United States Navy Department by 31 years. Known for most of its first century as "Gosport", it was renamed "Norfolk" in 1862 after the largest city in the area. One hundred more ships slid down the ways here before the yard completed its last ship, a wooden minesweeper, in 1953.It has never borne the name of its home city of Portsmouth. frigate USS CHESAPEAKE, a sister ship of the USS CONSTITUTION and one of the first six ships to be built for the U. It was in this yard that the partly burned steam frigate USS MERRIMACK was converted by the Confederates into the CSS VIRGINIA.The old Norfolk skyline and the Norfolk-Portsmouth ferry are also visible in the background.The USS Raleigh was launched on March 31, 1892 at the north end of the shipyard, near what now is Trophy Park.USS Skate was decommissioned at Pearl Harbor in the summer of 1986 after 29 years of naval service. The CSS VIRGINIA was constructed from the partly burned U. It was lost in the South West Pacific 12 September 1944.

Completely modernized at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in 1926 - 1927. USS NEVADA was completely modernized 1927 - 1929 at Norfolk Navy Yard. USS NEVADA was beached during the Pearl Harbor attack 7 December 1941, repaired and rejoined the Fleet in 1943.

Plans for Drydock #1, dated March 3, 1827, were signed by President Andrew Jackson. Boston Naval Shipyard, now closed, started construction before Norfolk Naval Shipyard in the effort to have the first functioning drydock in the western hemisphere.

But Norfolk Naval Shipyard won that race by opening Dry Dock One with USS DELAWARE inside on June 17, 1833.

The Norfolk Naval Shipyard constructed the first flight deck built on a ship. Ely took off from USS BIRMINGHAM (CS-2) in Hampton Roads on November 14, 1910. The LANGLEY, was converted from a collier here at Norfolk Naval Shipyard into the Navy's first aircraft carrier. CONSTELLATION was still afloat and on the Navy List in the late 1960s. The TEXAS was also the first all-steel vessel built by Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

The first flight from a ship was made from an 83-foot wooden ramp that sloped five degrees toward the bow. On February 27 1942, the USS Langley (CV 1) was sunk by Japanese bombers south of Java. One of Commodore Perry's squadron on expedition to Japan 1852 - 1854. The POWHATAN was noted for its speed and good sailing qualities as well as its long period of naval service. The ship saw active service in the Spanish-American War. The ship was used as a target and sunk in the Chesapeake Bay later that year.

During its more than 230 years, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard has assisted the nation in winning nine major wars, putting an end to piracy, sending the Great White Fleet around the world, scientifically exploring the Pacific, and opening Japan to American trade. In March 1862, world wide attention focused on the battles between the VIRGINIA and the wooden Union ships USS CONGRESS and USS CUMBERLAND and the federal ironclad USS MONITOR.

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