Dating outboard motors

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I am not a marine mechanic, but have been an outboarder and have done my own repairs all my life and have been a machinist forever.I document here what I have encountered, so that I can go back and read my own writings if something pops up years later.

Late 1990's they both were either black, white or a blue gray depending on the year.

Documented vessel temporary permits are nonrenewable or transferable and are no longer valid upon issuance of a Documented Vessel Certificate of Registration (Form 4086).

All model names start with "BF" but these two letters do not appear on the engine cover sticker.

If you are a nonresident, you have 60 days from acquiring or bringing the documented vessel into Missouri to apply for a Documented Vessel Certificate of Registration, if the vessel is to be kept in Missouri over 60 consecutive days.

If you do not apply, there is a penalty of on the 61st day, increasing another for every 30 days you are late up to a maximum penalty of .

I often get inquiries, which I try to answer, however most of the time, the information requested is there, if that person would have taken the time to read farther.

Johnson was one division of OMC, (Outboard Motor Corp) while Evinrude was the other half.To obtain a Certificate of Registration and decal for a vessel documented with the United States Coast Guard, the owner must submit the following items to the Motor Vehicle Bureau's central office: Documented vessel owners may purchase a temporary permit to allow them to operate the documented vessel for 60 days while the applicant awaits the documentation from the United States Coast Guard.These special permits must be obtained directly from the Motor Vehicle Bureau's Central Office in Jefferson City for a fee of .00 plus a .50 processing fee.The frame serial number is found on or near the stern bracket, stamped into a metal plate.The number uses the form "BXXX-XXXXXXX" and may also be referred to as the product identification number.If you do not title the boat, vessel, or outboard motor there is a title penalty of on the 61st day after purchase.

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