Dating on tombs of scipios

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During the republic the tomb stood in a cemetery for notables and their families located in the angle between the Via Appia and the Via Latina on a connecting road joining the two just past the branch point.It was originally outside the city not far from where the Via Appia passed through the Servian Wall at the Porta Capena.

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The wall was expanded to become the Aurelian Wall through which the Porta Appia admitted the Via Appia. The Appian gate today is called the Porta San Sebastiano.The tomb held the remains of one person outside the Scipio family: the poet Ennius, of whom there was a marble statue in the tomb according to Cicero.None of the more familiar Scipios (Africanus, Asiaticus and Hispanicus) were buried here, but according to Livy and Seneca were buried in their villa at Liternum.It passes through the Parco degli Scipioni where the cemetery once was located. He was the earliest known occupant after his death around 280 BC.His sarcophagus was the only one to survive intact - it is now on show at the Vatican Museums, re-united with its original inscription.The location was privately owned on discovery of the tomb but was bought by the city in 1880 at the suggestion of Rodolfo Amedeo Lanciani.

A house was subsequently built in a previous vineyard there.

At that period the tomb became a kind of family museum, that perpetuated and publicised the deeds of its occupants.

The last well-known use of the tomb itself was in the Claudio-Neronian period, when the daughter and the grandchild of Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Gaetulicus were buried here.

Cornelius, son of Barbatus, consul 259, was broken out and was sold.

It changed hands many times before rejoining the collection; meanwhile, it was published by Giacomo Sirmondo in 1617 in "Antiquae inscriptionis, qua L.

After then the mainly Christian Romans (who did not have the same loyalties to the traditions of pagan Rome) apparently stopped maintaining it and lost track of it.

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