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She started to learn a foreign language after leaving school. They continued talking, not paying attention to my question. He sent e-mail list, before you shut down your computer. 2)I am proud of being a citizen of the Soviet Union.

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I know you dislike (arouse) BEING AROUSE early, but it's nine o'clock. It was on her tongue to tell him that she was not used (speak) HAVING SPEAK to like that. Certainly I should have no objection (work) OF WORKING with him. His pleasure (ask) ASKING to dinner was simple and fresh.

We can't afford (spend)_________ too much money By the way, something is wrong with our car 9.

We were told that Andrew (go) to enter that college.

Greg hates speaking about his plans for the future.

David asked, " Do you discuss your problems with your parents, Jack? Vicky asked, " Mary, when did you visits the hairdresser ? Tony asked, " Henry, your friend take part in the concert ? Sandy asked, " Helen, what magazine have you bought? I want to see to look forward to this new comedy programme very much.

Tom said, “Jerry has been my best friend since our early childhood.” a.

The old man asked a policeman where the nearest bus stop was. The old man told a policeman where the nearest bus stop was. So I thought that it could be a good way for us to communicate. I'm not sure." STORY: Flashback Friday: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt introduce baby Shiloh to the world Brad, meanwhile, previously spoke about the couple's split in a frank interview with , saying: "If you love someone, set them free. Substitute subordinate clauses by the gerundial (or half-gerundial) complex using prepositions if necessary. In Greece the Olympic Games (hold) once in four years. Tom told Jerry that he had been his best friend since their early childhood. Tom said that Jerry has been my best friend since our early childhood. Tom said that Jerry had been his best friend since their early childhood. My parents agreed to not to mind buy me a new mobile phone for my birthday.

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