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Timberlake and Biel didn't appear to mind hosting the fundraiser though, they both took to Instagram and Twitter to show some fun photobooth snaps with the potential US president.

Rowling’s second As alleged abusers within Hollywood continue to see their stars fall from grace, this announcement might cause a few furrowed brows.If a someone cheats in the relationship your friends and family are usually the only ones to know.But, when it comes to celebrities and their infidelity the – whole globe knows.Some of them decided to get back at their unfaithful partners, while some of them just sat back and waited for karma to strike back at their former lovers.Scroll down to see the list of celebrities who cheated and got cheated, compiled by Ranker.Putting aside the issue of Depp, there’s plenty to admire in this cast photo: Jude Law struggling to hold a wand in a normal fashion; Ezra Miller being Ezra Miller; Zoë Kravitz giving off major “I’m too cool for this holiday party” vibes in merlot silk; Eddie Redmayne awkwardly rocking your grandpa’s favorite pleated slacks; and Dan Fogelman, just being happy to be there.

And whatever your feelings about Depp and Grindelwald, keep your eyes on Miller’s character, Credence; I’m still not quite willing to give up on the admittedly crackpot theory that he might just become Voldemort.In 2006, Bam Margera disclosed on Howard Stern’s radio show that he has hooked up with Simpson while she was married to Lachey.Rumor has it that she was also unfaithful to Lachey with Adam Levine and Johnny Knoxville.The society is hungry for drama and scandal as it always wants to know the details about every infidelity scandal.There are celebrities that not only got cheated but they themselves were also unfaithful to their partners.Yet still, there’s Depp, leaning against a wizardly platform in his whimsically embroidered pants, smirking into the camera with his character’s one good eye.

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