Dating guild guitar serial

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Regular, light treatment such as during a restring is all that is needed to keep these un-finished wood parts healthy.Because our resources and manpower are focused on getting production ramped up at our new factory, we are not offering repairs on vintage Guilds at the moment.

While almost any polish made specifically for guitar will be safe to use on your Guild, it really comes down to the type of finish that is on the guitar.Since our warranty applies only to the original purchaser, and to instruments purchased from an Authorized Guild Dealer, either a copy of the receipt or verbal verification from the dealer is required to vet these points.Generally a dealer will be more than happy to provide a duplicate receipt if the original has been misplaced.We will gradually add on to the USA-made line, including D-55s, 12-string jumbos, and eventually, electric guitars.We are spending the immediate future getting production up and running in an effort to deliver high quality, iconic Guild models worldwide.Keep an eye on our blog or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear when things like this become a reality! electric guitars are made in South Korea, and our Westerly Collection acoustic guitars are made in China.

Thus far, the M-20, D-20, M-40 and D-40 are all made in our Ventura County, California factory.It is a good idea to avoid any polishes or cleaners that are not made specifically for guitar such as metal polish, furniture polish, or automotive products, as they can contain abrasives or chemicals that can harm the delicate and thin finish on the guitar.Any raw wood such as the fingerboard and/or bridge should be treated with a mild, natural oil such as lemon oil or boiled linseed oil.For inquiries about serial number dating click on the articles link above and then click "Dating your Guild".For serial numbers that dont fall on this chart or for specific parts for your vintage Guild Guitar you can contact Hans Moust via his website.If you are in the market to purchase an older Guild Guitar I would recommend checking the following sites on a regular basis: "for sale" section) 1. This allows you to personally inspect the instrument before purchasing. If you have the time to wait this is almost always the best option. Gbase is a good resource if you cant find what your looking for on ebay or craigslist.