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A Louisiana House bill filed to expand the people to which domestic violence laws apply could have affected Louisiana State Senator Troy Brown, who plead guilty to assaulting his wife and girlfriend in two different incidents.(Photo by David Grunfeld, | The Times-Picayune) Two bills to expand the definition of who is protected under Louisiana's domestic violence laws cleared a state House committee Wednesday (April 27) and will now be heard on the House floor.

” “It makes you a fun partner.” “But does it make me a bad feminist? I want to make choices for myself not for him.” “But you made that choice for yourself to make that choice for him.” “I’m confused.” “Me too.” “Just enjoy the music.” This has been a kind of over-arching theme that I’m self-conversing about a lot lately. It happens to be one of my most favorite things to do as well. I’m doing something with him that I love to do as well, all is fine. And you’re now you’re newly single and on a date at a new and super-trendy Mexican restaurant with a guy you really really like. That should be easy.” And instead of “steak, chicken, or fish,” you get hit with choices like, “Crispy Sea Bass, Chipotle Tofu Lettuce Wrap, or Cochinita Pibil.” I had climbed out the burger and pizza frying pan and into the boutique, shared-plate format, “Barrio Style Fine Dining” fire, with an emphasis on organic as well as a full vegan menu with gluten-free options. What started out as an “anxiety hack” on that second date (“I’m feeling overwhelmed, why don’t you just order”), is now just a relationship default. Is this all in the quest to make myself attractive in order to find a new parter, or do I want to do be doing this for myself too? Through all these conversations with myself, I’m realizing that it’s totally possible to want to look good, or enjoy something for your partner for yourself AT THE SAME TIME.

She said it's estimated that more than half of people in abusive relationships are dating but not living together.

Moreno filed the bill in part as a reaction to a domestic abuse case involving former Sen. Brown resigned from the Senate after he pleaded guilty to attacking his wife and a girlfriend on separate occasions in a 12-month period.

His You Tube and professional scooter career has earned him an impressive 800,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Born to Robert and Kimberly Ann Funk, his elder brother, Capron Funk, is also a renowned scooter rider.

Officers have arrested people in same-sex couples on the grounds of a domestic violence violation.

Prosecutors end up charging those people with a different misdemeanor offense, not a felony, because the domestic violence charge does not apply to same-sex relationships.

For example, my boyfriend happens to be really passionate about restaurants, and he loves dining out. Imagine you’re me: A girl who spent the last 10 years with a partner who didn’t like to go to new restaurants and flat-out didn’t like fine dining options, relegated to restaurants where we knew there’d be a “hamburger” or “pepperoni pizza” options. “I’ve got this.”) Then you are handed a menu that feels more like a yearbook, and the first thing you set your eyes on is this: Queso Fundido melted asadero, oaxacan and panela cheeses over roasted pasilla chiles with sautéed cremini and chanterelle mushrooms, fire roasted tomato salsa, avocado tomatillo sauce and house-made flour tortillas So you think, “No worries, I’ll just order a simple taco. Are servers going back into the kitchen and being all, “you should have seen this bitch just sitting there why her boyfriend just decided everything they were going to eat. I was getting bored with it before I became single, but would changing it now look like I was changing it for someone else?

Would I want or need to change the style my hair to make me seem more approachable?

"We have received some scrutiny in relation to our definition of household member," Funk told the committee.

"We are not treating similarly situated people the same." The law also is causing some confusion among law enforcement in Jefferson Parish, according to the district attorney's office.

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