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Again, this can be resolved with counseling, but the person lying needs to be willing to do the deep inner work necessary to heal this addiction. Neatness or Messiness If you are neat and your partner is messy, or vise-versa, then you either need to have enough money to hire someone to clean up every day, or you need to reconsider the relationship.People who are neat generally can't tolerate messiness, and people who are messy feel controlled and restricted by people who are neat.

If you really want children and your partner says he or she doesn't, do not count on this changing.Too many people I've worked with end up divorcing over this issue because they believed that their partner would change his or her mind.Again, don't count on change -- you get what you see!Remember, you get what you see -- not what the person tells you will happen in the future. For example, Robert and Celia fell in love in their late 30s.Each had jobs that they loved and that were very important to them.Services offered by background check companies vary and can include searching criminal records, financial history, credit reports and driving records.

Some background check companies also administer and analyze drug tests.​ The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has certain requirements for companies that do certain background checks, and you should use your own diligence to ensure the company you are hiring complies with all relevant laws.These are the kinds of issues that need to be resolved BEFORE marriage. Lying Trust is an important issue in relationships, and if you realize you are being frequently lied to, you might want to reconsider the relationship.While we all lie occasionally, frequent lying is a sign of fear and insecurity.If both people are not deeply committed to their own learning and healing, one or both might run from the conflicts.Before moving into committed relationship, it's a good idea to find out if your partner is a runner. It's All About Me - Not Listening It generally doesn't take long to determine if someone is a good listener, or if their conversation is always about them.If you are a neat person and you don't mind cleaning up after a messy person, then it might not be a problem, but you need to be honest with yourself about whether you can keep this up for the whole relationship.

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