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This "twofer" is a practice that is common in the industry, and is commonly criticized by media watchdogs and minority interest groups.In particular, the complaint that comes up frequently is that it limits the roles and jobs available to men of color.

Winthrop Jordan was perfectly correct to point out the negative connotations of the word “black” in early modern English, and other tongues, and that people with black skin in effect suffered by association because of it, but the roots of European racism went even deeper than that.9 There is a clear lineage of negative racial imagery from Arabic to Hispanic to English thought.Many news broadcasting teams have a white male, and a female minority member (usually black, Asian, or brown-often of Hispanic heritage).This allows them to have a diverse appearing team even though the number of people on their crew is small.English trader Bartholomew Stibbs, visiting the Gambia River in 1723, remarked, without apparent irony, that the local inhabitants were “as Black as Coal; tho’ here, thro’ Custom, (being Christians) they account themselves White Men.”1 It was equally possible for whites to “go native” by adopting African lifestyles.In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, skin color was often perceived to be a simple result of the degree of exposure to the sun.Race in this early period was not only about more than physical differences, it was also a flexible and adaptable identity.

It was possible for non-whites to effectively “become white” by adopting Christianity, and by dressing or living like Europeans.

Each European nation might therefore be termed a specific “race”: Frenchmen, Italians, Germans, Englishmen; but sometimes there were additional races within a nation, such as Basques in Spain, or Bretons in France.

None of these “races” was classified according to physiognomy but more often, as Denis Hay and more recently Michael Adas have argued, on custom, history, language and.

Especially when the cast is mixed in its gender, ethnic, religious, etc.

makeup, it often happens that you find individuals who belong to several minorities at the same time, e. as representative of the "melting pot" of an immigrant society through the children of an ethnically mixed couple.

White people who lived in tropical climates became darker skinned, seemingly affirming this idea, though rather more puzzling was the fact that Africans who traveled to Europe remained “black.” The etymology of the word “race” helps to demonstrate its flexible usage.

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