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We must plan large park areas and locations for schools and churches.A golf course, a large clubhouse or community building. To grasp the genius of Young’s vision, go back to the 1923 plat, above. 1 was not in Hollywood before 1930.) Find the golf course, the open rectangle near center right.

Among major events in Washington Territory around the time of Young’s birth was the arrival of the Northern Pacific railroad at Puget Sound in May, 1888, linking the Seattle area to the eastern U. Later, as a developer, Young made certain that all his properties had easy access to good transportation. Now I will try to show how visionary Young was in creating his beautiful city.

And one more event during Young’s youth in the Pacific Northwest, was the Klondike Gold Rush. After seeing the undeveloped bit of scrub land, Young hurried back to his Indianapolis office with sketches he had made for the city plan.

At right is the engineer’s drawing of the beginning of Hollywood’s city plan, made from Young’s sketches, according to several who were close to Young in 1920.

But before that, let me also mention Young’s beloved wife Jessie Fay Cook, who was born in July, 1877 in Wisconsin.

Joseph Young was probably born in Seattle, in 1882.

Mickelson looks west (where the tracks are), with his back to the east.

This photo, taken in May, 1921, was published in the August, 1922 Below is the same site just three years later, looking to the east from the railroad tracks down the Boulevard now lined with stores. Now, look again at the plat for early Hollywood (drawn by engineer Frank Dickey) My father, who knew every inch of the land in early Hollywood, described it in a later interview: The elevation of the present Federal Highway (18th Avenue) was 10 feet, he said, with a gradual eastward slope to 14th Avenue.

Along the bottom run the Dixie Highway and FEC tracks.

Circle Park (today’s Young Circle) is at the center, and the still-draining Lakes section is along the top.

So by digging a channel alongside the track, his men were able to float a dredge along it, digging up rock to build up the roadbed for Johnson Street.

I don’t know who the man is, standing on the dredge.

At upper right, the glare is from the watery East Marsh where the engineers were creating North and South Lake.

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