Dating cheating statistics

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Dating cheating statistics

This may be an especially hard issue to struggle with for the Bipolar Christian.

It would not have happened if your partner had been well and stable.

Bipolar infidelity is a common – and tragic – consequence of mania and hypersexuality.

NOW is the time to discover the facts and avoid the pitfalls.

In this sense, there is nothing personal about bipolar infidelity.

Of course it does not feel that way, especially if sexual cheating has been accompanied by emotional withdrawal and/or irritability.

Please think carefully about this information on bipolar infidelity. Your only point of power is in the present, so while your partner MUST take responsibility for their bad behavior, you MUST keep moving forward if you are to overcome this betrayal.

Bipolar Relationships Bipolar and Divorce Like almost everything else to do with mental health, cheating by manic-depressives has not been scientifically studied anywhere nearly enough. A 1975 study that looked at lifetime sexual experience found extramarital sexual experiences to be more frequent amongst bipolar people – 29% had had 10 or more experiences.According to figures quoted by Goodwin and Jamison, hypersexuality was reported in 57% of manic individuals, based on averages across seven studies, with a range of values from 25% to 80%!And remember, “sexual indiscretions” is such a significant marker of bipolar illness that it is included in the DSM-IV’s diagnostic criteria.It is a symptom of the disease – unfortunately quite a common one.The decision to forgive will require you to have important information so you can decide how much of it was “mania” and how much of it was “personal”.This is a page I have wanted to write for a long time because it is SUCH an important topic, and because it is the issue I get the most questions and requests about.

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