Dating an aspie man

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Dating an aspie man - a phone dating

Would you not tell the truth, if your partner had been blind instead of having AS/ASD?

Couples therapy does not work when one spouse has AS/ASD.Here are 15 tips for you, who are an NT-spouse of a person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD): .No one forces you to take responsibility for your AS-partner’s social behavior, tantrums or lack of oversight.Give them a print of the table “Impacts and Deficits in NT-ASD relationships”.Give them also a print of the article “OTRS, the burden on spouses and partners” (see Documentation on this site). You cannot assume that professionals have insight into what it means to be a partner of a person with Asperger/ASD, although there will be some who do.When you recognize the incurable condition of AS/ASD, you can experience great sadness and despair in addition to disappointment, anger and loss.

It may be helpful to talk to a skilled therapist who supports you in understanding your feelings and choices. If the therapist is not a specialist in NT-AS relationships and in Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (OTRS), the therapist can make things worse.

Common understanding requires that both parties can listen interpretively to others and put themselves in the other’s place.

This ability is limited when it comes to people with AS/ASD.

The spouse who has AS/ASD can at best learn some practical ways to handle social situations. Your AS-spouse has difficulty capturing and understanding your need for emotional response and mutual communication.

But do not expect that your AS-spouse will initiate a consultation. He/she can exhibit irritation and tantrums when you show emotions, including anger, no matter how justified it is.

It is helpful to realize that your AS- spouse’s developmental disorder never gets better. Certain types of behavior may be modified so that cohabitation is less stressful for both of you.

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