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Dating agencies in dublin ireland - validating national provider identifier

Hi just want to give people heads up on dating agencies - not the online ones. my specifics in the gentleman I would like to meet! They interviewed me for an hour on my likes and dislikes, my personality, jobs etc.

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I would just like to meet a normal decent farmer in the leinster area...i totally understand that we may not have chemistry when i meet so my expectation is low but honestly it is hard to meet anyone these days!!A thorough understanding of our busy members lives, needs and goals guides us to finding suitable life partners.Our exclusive network of Irish and global members allows us be very successful in introducing long term partnerships.Unfortunately can't get money back but trying help others not fall into the same trap as I did.They do come across very professional when you first speak to them.Plus I think the cost of joining should put off the 'weirdos'/married men? There is going to be a very shallow pool of people willing to pay 400 euro (or capable given the current economic situation we're in) to avail of this service I think.

Or should I try a free site first and see how it goes? Two friends of mine tried it for a while and another used to work for the company, and based on their experiences I wouldn't really recommend it.

anyhow message - fellow board members - stay away from dating agencies which give great sale pitches and no follow up at all, not customer focused.

anyhow message - fellow board members - stay away from dating agencies which give great sale pitches and no follow up at all, not customer focused. I joined a dating agency last year - wast of time and money. The lesson I've learned is that you cant leave you fate in someone else's hands.

Our members lead content, busy and fulfilling lifestyles but reach a point where they don’t have enough time to find that special person.

Berkeley International Ireland members understand that we do not compromise on their goals, they join Berkeley International Ireland knowing that we are the best at what we do.

I've never tried internet dating before.thanks Seablue To be honest I think married men probably wouldn't go to the 'hassle' of this, when they can go on any other site that's free and less hassle. They interview their clients (and reject some of them) so I woudn't have thought married blokes going on it would be an issue.

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