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Supply chain cybersecurity threats may rise in 2018, warns Booz Allen Companies could see an increase in cyber threats such as the Not Petya attack, which shut down container shipping giant Maersk.Small businesses still aren’t acting on cybersecurity and most aren’t ready for an attack Lawmakers are determined to bury any dreams that Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei has ever had of gaining traction in the US.

Both Bitcoin and competitor Ethereum crashed hard at the beginning of this week as increasingly stringent regulation, particularly in Russia and China, spook speculators.Russian hackers who compromised DNC are targeting the Senate, company says The spear-phishing attempts involved websites meant to look like the email system available only to people using the Senate’s internal computer network.Malicious Chrome Extensions Enable Criminals to Impact over Half a Million Users and Global Businesses Most leading web browsers, including Google Chrome, offer users the ability to install extensions.New multi-featured mobile Trojan Loapi discovered Kaspersky Lab researchers have identified a new malware with multiple modules, which allows for an almost endless number of malicious features – from crypto currency mining to DDos attacks.Mirai Okiru: New DDo S botnet targets ARC-based Io T devices A big motivation for pulling software apart to find security flaws is the idealistic hope that developers will get the message and do a better job next time. Phishers target Netflix users, ask for info and photo of their ID Should you send Netflix a selfie in which you hold your ID card to get your account reinstated?Cyber Job Fair, January 23, San Antonio visit Cyber Sec for details.

Cleared and non-cleared cybersecurity pros make your next career move at the Cyber Job Fair, January 23 in San Antonio.

Should you send Netflix a selfie in which you hold your ID card to get your account reinstated?

The answer is an emphatic no, but each one of us knows at least one person who would find the request unremarkable and proceed to do it.

The DDo S botnet is said to be capable of targeting widely used ARC-based Internet-of-Things devices.

Its signatures diverge significantly from earlier Mirai strains, which will impede detection and blocking.

How do you determine, prioritize, and manage that risk? on the security of industrial control systems in the petroleum sector.