Dating a swimmer

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Dating a swimmer

Look for hot guys and girls who are on the swimming teams of your own school and college but if you are really ambitious you can go about exploring your chances of getting to know the pros in your city or state.Swim meets are hosted in almost all major cities on various levels of competition and these could be great places to meet established or budding swimmers.

Because of their athletic abilities and long endurance, they are also believed to make great lovers.

Swimmers make great lovers The kind of physical action and endurance swimming demands, men and women good at this sport inevitably acquire lean, well-toned bodies.

Not the least attractive part of their appearance is the tan acquired from training so many hours in an outdoor pool.

Today is National Pool Opening Day- an exciting day for your lover if they enjoy swimming.

To celebrate, here are a few things you might recognise if your partner is obsessed with a dip in the pool.

Holidays- If you book a holiday- please make sure that the hotel has a pool or she will spend the entire time dreaming of the one back home.

Avoid doing things on days/nights she goes to the pool- Or she will be a grumpy pain in the backside even if you have arranged something awesome for you to do.

Finally keep in mind the swimming season since you want to hook up with these water babies before they get lost in the general crowd. During the short-course season, swimmers swim in 25-yard pools.

This season lasts from September to the end of March.

So whether you are looking for a life partner who shares your passion for swimming or just someone to hang out at the pool, here are a few tips in meeting and dating a swimmer.

Where you can meet them Since swimming is one of the most popular sports, there are any number of venues where you can come across swimmers.

She doesn't always love company in the pool She shaves a lot- So you need never worry about her being hairy- she is always silky smooth.

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