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If you restart the offline registration, the file sent for the previous request would not work aand you will have to do the process again to register.Click on "Select file" on your computer and select the file

Return to the page of True Conf Server settings and enter the registration key you have just received by e-mail.The installation process will take less than a minute. If it is also taken, the user selects the port in the installation dialog window (if the port is not 80, then it is visible in the browser address bar after the colon in the hostname Note: True Conf Web Manager port is determined during the server installation. Your browser will automatically open True Conf Web Manager (Web interface for configuring the server) after installation.Server status is shown in the "Server status" field in green (if the server is working) or in red (if it has stopped) in top right corner of the web management tool window: Possible reason № 1: You have no license, or the license is expired. Possible reason № 2: Some server files are missing or have been damaged. If there are some problems during video conferences, you can collect logs on your PC and sent them to True Conf Support Team.For this purpose, click View Log button in the Web Manager tool’s Settings tab: Send this report to our Support Team via e-mail: [email protected] contact us by phone: 1-347-878-3263.50 Web RTC users Recording a conference on server RTSP/CDN Streaming 100 SIP/H.323 non-transmitting connections or up to 1 conference with SIP/H.323 and 8 broadcasting SIP/H.323 connections or up to 2 conferences with SIP/H.323 and 3 broadcasting SIP/H.323 connections or up to 4 conferences with SIP/H.323 and 1 broadcasting SIP/H.323 connection True Conf Server is shipped as a software installation package that contains the server side and client applications for popular platforms.

After the installation package is downloaded, launch it to begin the installation.To give another user access to True Conf Web Manager, the administrator must add the user account to the "True Conf Server Admin" group. in order to log in using another key) click the Registration button in the Summary tab: If the key is valid you will log out from the system.Logging in to the web interface of True Conf Server is carried out automatically after registration and entering the registration key (see section 1.3. If you cannot log in to the server when entering the old key on other computer and the message “Registration key is incorrect. If you don't have a key you can get it” is displayed in the Web Manager tool, this means that your key is “bound” to the hardware on the machine where the server was installed: If you want to switch off such a bond, please contact our managers: 1-347-878-3263.Note: If you are installing server behind the firewall, then in order to complete the registration you should open port 4310 access from inside to internet.How to change port for True Conf Server Web Manager tool without having to re-install the server To do this, go to the servers directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\True Conf Server\httpconf\conf).If the administrator wants to administer the server from a remote machine, he/she needs to make sure that the server firewall allows connecting on the port, on which True Conf Web Manager is launched. If it is also taken, the user selects the port in the installation dialog window (if the port is not 80, then it is visible in the browser address bar after the colon in the hostname

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