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A beauty column instructs women to keep their faces covered and stay indoors (file picture) The first issue's editorial explains that the magazine's goal is to educate women and involve them in the war against the enemies of Islam.It says: Because women constitute half of the population - and one might even say that they are the population since they give birth to the next generation - the enemies of Islam are bent on preventing the Muslim woman from knowing the truth about her religion and her role, since they know all too well what would happen if women entered the field of jihad.

The magazine includes exclusive interviews with the wives of martyrs, who praise their husband's suicide missions.

Be sure to tune in next month, when I'll be covering things from the other side of the aisle and collecting the best of the worst of men's magazine's sex tips.

And always remember the sage words of : "Lick his eyelids, and then blow on your saliva." As true today as when it was written.

"Grasp his hands and coax them into a prayer position, then position hands over his…

Your words [will] become more persuasive to him, though he won't know why." Aside from the fact that it requires standing like a pair of coupling monks, the great thing about this suggestion is that it's utterly impossible to tell who it makes look dumber: you, or your now-bewildered mate. There you have it — forty-four tips that represent the screaming nadir of 's sex advice.

Then, send him the audio file in the middle of the day, with just the text, ' Wanna hear me do this tonight? "If his wardrobe is constantly changing, watch out! "Keep your eye on a guy who loves to social network — he may need constant attention." If any of these things happen (or, you know, you have actual legitimate, non-Facebook related reasons to doubt his fidelity), you could sit him down for a serious talk.

Or, just skip straight to dousing yourself in chocolate syrup. "Reach over and grab his knee while you're both sitting." Details really are key here, lest you confuse a simple knee-grab with "sweep the leg." The secret success of the move stems from the fact that, by reaching down, you are "bowing" slightly, to show you're "contrite." Also, the knee is "neutral territory." (Which is to say, it's unlike Palestine, the Falklands, or his penis.) 44.

They should 'not go out except when necessary' and wear a niqab for 'rewards by complying with the command of Allah Almighty'.

A woman called Umm Muhanad hails her husband for his bravery after his suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Her work has been featured in over 75 TV and radio shows and publications including: CNN, NBC, ABC, The Today Show, MTV, CMT, Lifetime, KROQ, KISS.

As a dating coach, Renee was featured in The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Cosmo, Mens Health, The Huffington Post and many more.

Readers are told it is their duty to raise children to be mujahideen ready for jihad.