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The Silver Blades Skating Club offers a variety of programs to skaters of all ages and abilities, offering a fun and structured skating environment.

Corner Brook is home to the Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Mill (owned by Kruger Inc.), which is a major employer for the region.Precipitation is heavy year-round, but highest in December and January and lowest in April and May, with relatively more dry, stable conditions extending into July many years.The Corner Brook area lies in an especially heavy snow belt because of cold Arctic air masses from mainland Canada, coming from the west or northwest, crossing the waters of the Gulf of St. Such storms can bring high winds and heavy precipitation, with possibly-changing precipitation types in a single storm.Corner Brook has a humid continental climate typical of most of Newfoundland. John's due to less maritime exposure, whereas winters are colder than in the provincial capital.In terms of its overall climate, it is quite maritime, especially taking into account how the climate is in mainland Canada on similar latitudes.Near Corner Brook is Marble Mountain Ski Resort, a downhill skiing resort, and Blow-Me-Down trails, a cross country ski area.

The Corner Brook Royals currently play in the West Coast Senior Hockey League and were the winners of the 1986 National Title, The Allan Cup.The city is accessed by air services at Stephenville International Airport, 65 km (40 mi) southwest, and Deer Lake Regional Airport, 55 km (34 mi) northeast.Corner Brook Transit is a privately operated local bus service.The city has the largest regional hospital in western Newfoundland.It also has a wide array of shopping and retail businesses and federal and provincial government offices.It is home to Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, as well as campuses of Academy Canada and College of the North Atlantic.