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This barren landscape stretches for 100km, the only interruption the odd gloomy mound rising from the earth like an ancient tomb.

He drove to the harbour cafe in Keflavik, and parked his car a short distance away, leaving the keys in the ignition. Valtyr Sigurdsson, a young lawyer, was assigned to the case.

In 1968 the police had bungled the investigation into the shooting dead of a taxi driver.

Veteran detective Snorri Magnusson, says it bugged the police: In the bars of south Iceland, Geirfinnur’s case lived on, a source for conspiracy theories and wild rumours. They heard a rumour about a petty criminal who, the word went, knew something about the disappearances. It wasn’t just his Polish name that made Saevar stand out.

She remembered the night he had gone missing though.

It wasn’t just the bitter cold, the snow or the party she had been dragged to and couldn’t wait to leave.

Geirfinnur was a 32-year-old construction worker who lived in Keflavik, near Iceland’s main airport, 50km from the capital.

His life revolved around his two young children, and an occasional drink or film with one of his small circle of friends.One driver spotted him walking unsteadily trying, with another man, to hitch a ride.A short while later, now alone, he almost fell in front of another vehicle.His name would have faded from the public’s memory if it hadn't been for another disappearance 10 months later, in November 1974, when the perpetual night of Icelandic winter had returned.Geirfinnur Einarsson shared the same second name as Gudmundur but the two were not related.With his long hair, suede jacket and white cheesecloth shirt, Valtyr looked like the manager of a rock band rather than the man in charge of what would become Iceland’s biggest murder inquiry. He recalls: The police combed through Geirfinnur’s life.