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I want to raise CHRISTIAN leaders and Christian LEADERS. These photographs and charges are provided by Orange County Corrections of people booked into the Orange County Jail during the past 30 days.

In a similar way there are men and women who are very very mature Christian people but do not have the gift of leadership. We need to recognise that having a heart is good but not good enough. And lastly just because a person has the gift of leadership doesn’t mean they should lead.

We need to remember there are all sorts of leaders in the world. It is not simply that he is a Christian (there are people who call their dogs ‘Christian’), it is that his leadership is framed by Christ likeness and the gospel.

There are ‘great’ leaders and ‘not so great’ leaders. This needs to be said because there are so many ‘christian’ leadership conference s around which are more about leadership than it is about being Christian.

Like teaching and administration, leadership is a gift.

And don’t forget the greatest teacher out – the devil himself.

The 1605 Gunpowder Plot was a failed attempt by a group of English Catholics including Guy Fawkes to assassinate King James I, and to blow up the Palace of Westminster, the English seat of government. Aghai, "The beginnings of modern terrorism can be traced back to England and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605." Although the modern concept of religious terrorism had not yet come into use in the 17th century, David C.

Rapoport and Lindsay Clutterbuck point out that the Plot, with its use of explosives, was an early precursor of 19th century anarchist terrorism.

So they’ll talk about vision, direction, strategy and all that sort of stuff but very very little about bible, prayer, Christ likeness, holiness, evangelism, God’s glory etc etc.

In fact the tragedy of many of these so called “Christian” leadership is that there is essentially very little difference between them and other secular leadership conference.

In other words he is a Christian who has that gift of leadership.

He has this ability to command people’s attention and move people in a certain direction.

The only difference is that they call it “christian”.

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