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In the same way that we’re all called to teach each other (Col ) there are some who are gifted in a particular way to teach others.Similarly while all Christians are leaders in a small way, there are some who have the particular gift of leadership. So it is important that when we talk about Christian Leadership that we never loose sight of both words. Leaders who are Christian in name only will lead people to hell.

The charges listed were current as of the time the photo was taken.

Like teaching and administration, leadership is a gift.

And don’t forget the greatest teacher out – the devil himself.

He has managed to convince the whole world to believe in his lies.

So a person might have the gift of teaching but teaches lies and in the end lead people to hell.

He is a mobilizer of others and galvanize people to do things.

Now in many ways all Christians should be able to do this.They are the words Wow that’s pretty earth shattering isn’t it?Anyway the problem with most people is they ignore one or the other. He is not just a leader but he is a CHRISTIAN leader.And I don’t simply mean that he happens to be a Christian.I mean that his leadership is ‘shaped’ and ‘directed’ by godliness and by the gospel. So what distinguishes a Christian leader from others?The only difference is that they call it “christian”.