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It's very literary — the dialogue is a huge part of the show. If you're going to take guest roles on either of those shows, the law of averages leads you to believe they're going to be on the darker side, because the terrain that both travel is very dark. I didn't wake up saying, "I want to start playing nefarious people." They just were the opportunities that were presented on both of those shows. Directing and acting on Masters was a little challenging because it was the first time I directed myself on a show that I hadn't established a character on already.You're either going to be a perpetrator or a victim on either one. That was a little bit more daunting than previous experiences I had.

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I was walking in, and I kept hearing somebody say, "Hey, George! " And I realized one of the photographers was calling me. He's got a reputation for being intense and unpredictable. Both of us have had moments where we've found working with one another challenging, but the rewards always outweighed any of the challenges. It seems to me that the new Golden Age of television started around 1994.

You just turned up on Is it hard to switch between shows that have such different tones?

There's an element to it that's a challenge, but that's what keeps it interesting and fresh.

Adam Arkin broke out as an actor in 1990 with the recurring Northern Exposure role of Adam, a barefoot, grungy hermit/gourmet chef who popped up now and then to vex Dr. But his biggest moment on the hit CBS show might have come three years later, when he made his debut on the other side of the camera.

He quickly found a niche directing shows that he also appeared in, first, during his long stint on CBS’s Chicago Hope; more recently, on the FX dramas Sons of Anarchy and Justified; and just this past Sunday, on Masters of Sex, when he turned up as a PR man our recapper referred to as a “silver fox.” Tonight he joins the cast of The Bridge, playing a role he describes as “an upstanding, well-meaning DEA agent” (it should come as no surprise that he directed an August episode of the FX show).

I remember simultaneously feeling like it was a dream come true and a real wake-up call as to how much I had to learn. I'd been involved with it as an actor for some time. There were a couple of times where I had to work hard not to get frostbite, but other than that, no injuries.

For as much preparation as I had and as much as I'd grown up on sets and in the business, once the reins were handed to me, it was just amazing to me how much of a student I felt like I was. I couldn't hold onto the shoes because he never wore any. Was it dangerous walking around the set in bare feet? We recently looked back at 1994–95 TV, and the face-off between Chicago Hope and ER.I finally stopped and said, "Hey, buddy, it's not George." And he lowered his camera and said, "Oh, excuse me. My relationship with Mandy was intense, and it was familial. Were you aware at the time that there was a paradigm shift and that TV was starting to get good, for lack of a better word? Now cable is almost in the position the networks were in earlier, with the advent of web series.Mandy is like a brother, in all of what that means. I was aware of the fact that with the advent of cable shows, there were going to be many more outlets, and as a result of that, there was a palpable feeling that people were going to be able to take more chances. It's very healthy in the long run, because with so many technological outlets and so many people having the ability to tell stories, the thing that's going to start setting shows apart is going to be the originality of what those stories are and how they're told.Well, you're right in the middle of all that good stuff.I've been very lucky and blessed to be able to keep growing. , Tinder is the harbinger of today's hookup-fueled "dating apocalypse." But the truth of the matter is, hooking up isn't anything new (and may in fact be hardwired into our genetics).