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Almost all cherries are highly disease prone, faring best in areas without excessive summer rain and humidity.

They are one of the more extensive fruits to buy in the store, however, but diligent gardeners can grow their own.It has a unique, extra sweet flavor and good overall disease resistance.Rainier is a newer cherry that has become extremely popular and can be easily found in garden centers. Royal Lee is a sweet red cherry that is smaller in size than some of the more popular varieties, but is one of the few varieties suited to areas with mild winters.While disease susceptibility is a major downside of Bing cherries, they are known for their phenomenal flavor.Possible pollinating varieties include Stella and Rainier.There is no such thing as a perfectly disease resistant sweet cherry, but some are a bit more resilient than others, including the following varieties.

Bing cherries are one of the most popular and well-known varieties and are commonly found in garden centers.Fruiting cherries are generally grown on dwarfing roots stocks that allow them to be kept around 15 feet tall with pruning.Various rootstocks dwarf the trees to varying degrees, so be sure to check the label to see what size tree to expect.Bing requires 700 chill hours and is hardy in USDA zones 5 to 9.Stella is similar in appearance to Bing and is known for its similarly stellar flavor.A rootstock called 'Newroot' has the strongest dwarfing effect, keeping the trees to around 10 feet, even without pruning.