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There will be one group with Norwegian language courses for Ukrainians (Beginners only) and two groups with Ukrainian language courses for Scandinavians (Beginners and Pre-itermediate/Intermediate).Excursions, cultural evenings and developmental studies will be common for both all students together.

The seminars will be also open for wide audience, so the students will have an opportunity to meet and interact with locals.

Dialogue enhances relationships in a community and strengthen the social fabric.

CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS IN UKRAINE Role of civil society organizations in Ukraine and Scandinavian counties: current state of affairs.

However we cannot grant the scholarship to everyone who applies for it and it is more likely to be admitted to the program if you pay full or reduced participation fee.

Therefore it is important that you state in the application whether you will attend the school as self-paying if you do not get a scholarship from us.

We would especially like to encourage students studying Eastern European studies, Slavic languages, journalism and political science to apply. DEADLINE FOR SUBMITION THE APPLICATIONS IS EXTENDED TO 23 APRIL 2017 You can find application form here.

We have limited funds and capacity to admit everyone, therefore an participation fee is set to NOK/SEK 6000 (18 000 UAH).There will be separate language classes and common cultural events, seminars, open discussions and meetings with prominent Ukrainian experts, journalists, social society leaders and politicians.In addition you will also get the chance to travel around and see the mountains, old cities, castles and the heart of western Ukraine – magnificent Lviv.Food, guided tours, museum entrances and travel cost for the excursions will be also covered by the School.Chernivtsi National University (CNU) kindly provided their building complex that is based at the former Residence of Bukovinian Metropolitans which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011.The students will get acquainted with the basics of language structure and grammar, will learn to read and to write as well as to carry out simple conversations.