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Naturally, Rhiannon wants all the details when the two meet up again at school on the following Monday morning.Through a series of "context clues," Rhiannon comes to believe that Olive and her mystery boyfriend known only as "George" did the dirty at the cost of Olive's virginity.

Still, Director Will Gluck's picture borders on the fantastic; it's witty and incredibly watchable, the picture effortlessly pulling in its audience with a great story and a superior cast.

"They" obviously haven't been to a California high school circa 2010.

Truth, fiction, or something in between matters not in the hormonal minds and gossipy tongues of America's newest generation of sexting teens who go to school, it would seem if movies like Easy A are any indication of what's going on out there, not to read Nathaniel Hawthorne but to find out who's dating whom and to dig up the dirt on anyone who dares let slip a secret or make one up on the off-chance that being bad can actually make a fledgeling socialite suddenly really good.

It's not so much about the act of sex as it is the consequences of sex -- real or imagined -- and people's perceptions of what sex really means.

Easy A would have worked equally well as a slightly different movie and told from a slightly different angle.

Emma Stone shines in the lead role, playing both the innocent victim and the pedal-to-the-metal would-be "slut" for all their worth.

The picture is packed with a fantastic roster of secondary actors who hold the entire thing together; Thomas Haden Church, Lisa Kudrow, Malcolm Mc Dowell, Patricia Clarkson, and Stanley Tucci form one of the better groupings of the year, all of them solidifying the movie with the necessary and varied adult perspectives on the suddenly hot life of Olive Penderghast, rounding the movie into form and giving it the balance it requires.Easy A is all about the drama that is the life of a teenager, about the way an innocent comment made in the heat of the moment meant to end a discussion rather spark a firestorm can spiral out of control and forever alter an entire student body's perception of an otherwise clean-cut individual.Easy A is a fascinating, smart, funny, occasionally touching, and very well made movie that, if there's justice, should surpass pictures like American Pie as the de facto teenage sex Comedy of the past two decades.The image is wonderfully sharp with backgrounds rarely losing out on the excellent detailing that defines every foreground element.Black levels are hit or miss but mostly strong throughout.Given the title and a ten-second crash course on what the movie is about, one might reasonably assume that it could have instead focused on a girl who, perhaps as part of a school project, deliberately paints herself as a modern-day adulterer in an effort to compare notes with Hawthorne and differentiate the world of Hester Prynne and with Ojai North in the 21st century.

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