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Chatrial girl - dating antiques square nails

Kang Joo has taken major strides but in many ways he’s still very brash and sure that he can mow down any obstacle in his way.Can he still love Doo Rim if that love requires him to be patient and enduring? I don’t find Doo Rim a bleeding heart who would rather suffer so others can be saved.

I think Doo Rim is the bride of the century because she can break the curse of the Choi men not being with their true loves and in the process teach him about how to love.Flashback to the past life of President Ma choking the family ghost to death.The past life of Doo Rim walks in and stares in shock at what just happened.When President Ma goes to choke the baby as well, Doo Rim pushes her aside and grabs the baby to run away.An even earlier flashback shows us a bubbly Doo Rim gathered in the Choi family courtyard to welcome home the young master.May 22, 2011 CSE-PPT (PROFESSIONAL) LIST OF PASSERS CSCRO NO.

I think it was written with such understanding of the main characters and how they would think and behave.

Suddenly Doo Rim morphs into the Choi family ghost and President Ma is so scared she lets go.

The family ghost rages at President Ma, calling her an evil thing who has finally revealed her true colors.

The title card tells us this is exactly one hundred years ago in the Choi family.

President Ma assists the lady of house over to greet her husband the young master.

I think this question goes beyond the easy answer that some of the suffering is self-inflicted and others are likely just well deserved.